The Beauty Benefits of the Color Green

Once a color signifying regeneration and rebirth in ancient Egypt, this lush color has held many meanings throughout its history. Tied to the traditional Irish holiday, St. Patrick's Day, it is suggested that anyone who wears it will remain invisible to a leprechauns pinch. Interestingly, the tradition actually started with the color blue but altered over time due to a variety of reasons, primarily because of the green shamrock representing the holy trinity and Ireland's nickname, the Emerald Isle. During the Renaissance green was worn by merchants and bankers. And overtime, by the late 19th century, women and children alike were literally sick over the color, featuring a toxic chemical arsenite. This toxic chemical was used in women's clothing and even children's toys and wall paint. Green has also been used in healthier forms, in color therapy for stimulating and promoting healing and balance throughout the body.


Used in traditional Feng Shui, the practice of creating balance within your living spaces with nature in mind. Feng, meaning wind, and Shui, meaning water, Feng Shui is used to harness the energy surrounding you and to create harmony and peace between you and your environment. Ashley Cantley, a Feng Shui expert, mentions just how powerful an impact a color can have on your subconscious.

“Color has a profound effect on how you behave and on your energy level—it can increase or decrease it. Depending on the color, you can feel relaxed, anxious, tired, wide awake, hungry, and even romantic.”

Green is a powerful color and holds multiple meanings. It can be known to draw in money and abundance but it can also be “restorative and a great choice for vitality” accordingly to Ashley.



The Bagua, meaning "eight areas" in Chinese, is a main principle of Feng Shui. Bagua is essentially a map, or compass, representing the eight energy fields within your living space. To promote Bagua in your living space you should focus on one to three areas that need the most attention, however, you will find it most beneficial to focus on one Bagua at a time. For the month of March it is suggested to embrace the color green with wood elements throughout your home living design.

Representing: Family, new beginnings
Shape: Columnar, rectangular
Colors: Green, blues, teal
Season: Spring
Number: 4
Element: Yang wood

Qualities: Expansive, vitality, upward
Shape: Columnar, rectangular
Colors: Green, blues
Season: Spring
Areas: Family, wealth


the beauty benefits of green tea


Drinking green tea and applying green topically to the skin provide many skin benefits. Because it is naturally anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, filled with antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea will decrease signs of aging and help flush toxins from the skin. It can also help treat acne symptoms as well as improve the appearance of scars.

Once you've finished your cup of tea, apply the leaves to your face, you can use a light moisturizer and baking soda to create a paste. Leave on for 10 minutes. Enjoy.

the benefits

Unclogs pores | Treats puffy eyes and dark circles | reduces sebum production | promotes skin firmness | reduces redness | reduces signs of rosacea | anti-aging | reduces inflammation and dandruff | promotes hair growth | fights acne and blackheads | can help prevent sun damage and soften wrinkles

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