The Beauty Benefits of Gratitude

  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Not only is kindness the new cool but it's beneficial for your overall skin and heart health!

The act of expressing gratitude has been clinically proven to heal the body from the inside out and has even been introduced in clinical trials as a treatment for heart failure! If you're wondering what exactly "clinically proven" entails, it means that the claims have been substantiated by more than one controlled study.

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So not only does being grateful make you and everyone around you feel good, it makes you look good too.

In a study of 186 patients, more grateful people reported better sleep, less fatigue, less depression, more confidence in their ability to care for themselves, and lower levels of systemic inflammation.

Systemic inflammation, or inflammation that affects the entire body, can lead to premature aging, dull skin tone, irregular pigmentation, redness, acne, and even itchy and burning skin ailments like psoriasis.

Kaitlin Ferland


LKM is a quiet, contemplative practice that focuses thought on your heart region and encourages warm, tender thoughts, possibly about a loved one. In one study, people who practiced LKM an hour a week felt greater positive emotions — love, contentment, joy — while interacting with others.

Documented health benefits of practicing LKM include:

Reduced pain and tension from migraines

Reduced symptoms of depression

Slowing of the aging process

Studies have found that women who practice LKM have longer telomeres, which are like little end-caps on your DNA. Shorter telomeres have been associated with faster aging.

Mayo Clinic

 I'm thankful for you, my incredibly loving friends who are like family to me, my family, and my work family.

I feel blessed this year that although I cannot see many of you in person, I feel closer too many of you than ever before.
Thank you.

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