Bananas are a fan favorite snack, loved by all ages, a sweet delicious yet nutritious treat that comes in it's own trendy low-waste bio-degradable packaging. Touted as one of the most influential food crops world wide, they are in the top four rated "staple foods" globally and one of the largest profit makers across super markets. Unfortunately there are few countries whom produce large numbers of bananas that are also able consume a majority of their crop, Brazil and India being among the few, most countries in Central America and the Caribbean rely on these as a main export. In some countries, this is not such a beautiful picture, with the high demand trade exposing these countries and laborers to exploitation. For more information regarding the banana industry, Peter Chapman's book, Jungle Capitalists, goes into great detail, highlighting some of the most prominent fruit company's still in business today.


Bananas are packed with a variety of delicious vitamin and phytonutrient skin benefits. They're also made out of over 75% water - a simple way to boost your water intake and maintain proper skin hydration, necessary for healthy glowing skin. Read here to learn more about maintaining proper skin hydration.

Due to the high levels of potassium and moisture, bananas are undoubtedly a beauty secret that needs to be shared. A single banana contains the following beauty benefiting nutrients:

Magnesium: 31.9 mgs
Phosphorus: 26 mgs
Potassium: 422 mgs
Selenium: 1.9 mcgs
Choline: 11.6 mgs
Vitamin C: 10.3 mgs
Vitamin B6: .5 mgs

Folate: 23.6 mcgs
Beta Carotene: 30.7 mcgs
Alpha Carotene: 29.5 mcgs
Dopamine: 2.5-10 mgs
Catechin: 29.6 mgs


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Skin Moisturizer

Bananas make a nutrient rich skin moisturizer from the inside out. Think of a a banana like a thick, luxurious internal body butter due to the high levels of potassium and Vitamin A, bananas help restore moisture balance, even out rough texture and even promote healing in dry cracked skin.

Oil Control

Banana are packed with beneficial nutrients for detoxifying the skin and due to its high levels of fiber, it can help regulate your pores. Acts as a natural exfoliator helping slough off excess sebum on the skin surface. 


Bananas contain a high level and variety of antioxidants which help prevent Oxidative Stress - the leading cause of skin aging. 

Treats Acne

Bananas are loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients that help maintain skin when consumed. But if you're feeling up to it, rubbing a banana peel directly on your blemish can also act as an anti bacterial, swelling and redness reducing, effective acne spot treatment.

Boosts Mood

Bananas are filled with mood-boosting nutrients including Tryptophan, Vitamin B6, and Dopamine which all contribute to a reduction in stress. Read more about the beauty benefits of being happy here.


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