Quickly becoming my new favorite go-to at home facial, facial icing, is a technique that is not new to the self care world. Surprisingly, facial icing has been a beauty practice since 18th Century. Royalty like Catherine the Great used ice and massage techniques as part of her regular anti aging beauty regime. The 32° cube of water is an incredibly effective tool for instantly alleviating puffiness and redness. And though it hasn't been promoted by the skin care industry like trendy Gua Sha and jade rollers, the results are similar if not better, with no purchase necessary.

Ice facials provide immediate skin results with tightened pores, de-puffed eyes, reductions in overall swelling, especially acne and redness, all while increasing circulation. With frequent use, ice may provide anti aging results over time.

This beauty hack is an all natural and cost effective anti aging treatment loved by Hollywood icon, Joan Crawford and legendary model, Kate Moss. While luxury beauty brands sell ice facial products at luxury pricing (like this $290 metal ball sold here) infused with botanicals, herbs, and other anti aging remedies, the skin benefit ultimately comes from the repeated exposure to cold temperature, not the delivery method.

An ice cube should be added to your morning and nighttime skincare routine. You can thank me later.


According to Vogue, celebrity facialist and skin care guru, Ole Henriksen has regularly incorporated ice cubes into his skin treatments.

“They dramatically improve circulation in the skin for that healthy glow we all want.”



Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is the use of ice on an area to treat a variety of skin concerns. Ice therapy can be used to reduce swelling by reducing the amount of blood flow to the area, reduce nerve activity to help manage and decrease painful acne, and can also be used to promote soft tissue healing.

As the body responds to the temporary decrease in blood flow from applying the cold  ice, your blood flow will increase, and with repeated use, will consistently improve circulation in the treated area. 


  1. Prep skin by starting with a freshly cleansed face.
  2. Place a thin gauze or facial towel on the area of the face you are ready to treat. Ice can also be used without a towel, but do it for less time and be extra careful.
  3. Apply ice cube to gauze and begin circling in small upward motions across the face. Ice should not be applied to the skin for longer than 1 minute.  
  4. Use with circular motions on jawline, chin, lips, nose, cheeks and forehead. 
  5. Enjoy the brighter side and instant refresh! 

Don't want to be cold?

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