Naturally found and produced in the human body, Hyaluronic Acid is a clear gooey-like substance with the primary mission to hold water. It's highest concentrations are found in your eye tissues and joints due to its ability to bind and maintain water molecules. This provides your body the ability to keep itself moist and lubricated where it needs it most.

It is now a common treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee to have hyaluronic acid injected directly into the knee joint. This treatment has mild pain & discomfort and very minimal side effects resulting in full use of the knee.


Hyaluronic Acid is found in almost every cell in the body, however, almost 50% of it is found in our skin tissue, both dermal and epidermal layers. This allows our skin to be flexible (with the help of collagen and elastin) to stretch and contract without cracking and breaking.

Hyaluronic Acid is also being utilized for serious burn wound healing - where the patient has lost large amounts of the dermis and epidermis - because Hyaluronic Acid is not only a master moisturizer, it is also amazing for treating tissue inflammation, granulation and re-epithelialization. Meaning, it assists with the regrowth of missing tissue and creates a protective skin barrier.


Most of your skins youthful appearance depends on the amount of moisture retained in each skin cell. As the understanding of our skin and the aging process progresses, it is now known that the extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules - the molecules that lie between the cells - are more important than the actual cells themselves for your skins overall appearance. It has been a general understanding to treat and protect the epidermis, dermis and underlying subcutis skin layers, with standard treatments failing to recognize the importance of your ECMs, the structural support of said tissues.

Extracellular matrix molecules are made of proteoglycans (protein bonds), water, minerals, and fibrous proteins. Maintaining high levels of hyaluronic acid in your body allows these molecules to maintain their overall shape and allows them to be impermeable against outside forces - such as bending the knee joint or overall skin degradation from skin stressors such as the over exposure to UV lights or the Sun, or just the general effects of aging.



E A T  Y O U R  H A

A study in 2008 published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Culture was the first proven example that ingested Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to migrate from the intestines and distribute consistently throughout the body. This means that all prior anecdotal evidence typically used by skin care brands is not just a marketing ploy. Communities, such as the Kitava, an island in Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea, that eat foods rich in hyaluronic acid, where standard diets include root vegetables, really are seeing skin benefits due to their food - however other contributing factors are likely involved as these cultures are generally in warmer climates which promote strong quality of life in regards to overall happiness.

It is important to note that Hyaluronic Acid was also found in the excrement after ingestion in the 2008 study, meaning your body will not absorb all HA within the food - to maintain this as an effective skin treatment you would need to consume large amounts as a standard diet - if you are looking for anti aging results, this method should be in addition to topically applying Hyaluronic Acid. However, should you be interested in supplementing with high doses of HA all throughout your day, these foods have large amounts of hyaluronic acid:

Bone Broth
Leafy Greens
Soy Based Foods
Sweet Potatoes & Jicama
Citrus Fruits
Organ Meats - Primarily the Liver

A P P L Y   Y O U R   H A

Not all HA products are created equally - the molecular structure of HA is quite large and many liken it to attempting to fit a basketball through the eye of a needle - the needle being your skins dermis layer. With the use of hydro-gels, hyaluronic acid has been found to only penetrate the epidermis, while with the inclusion of bovine serum albumin (BSA), the product was able to penetrate into the dermal layer. Be mindful of the Hyaluronic Acid products you buy and look for those with the following active ingredients for best results.


hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
sodium acetylated hyaluronate
sodium hyaluronate


But don't be disheartened if you buy the trendy Hyaluronic Acid serums you can find all over Amazon & even in your Urban Outfitters - penetrating the epidermis is still beneficial to your skins overall appearance, you will see a plumping effect to your skin. Apply each morning.



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