Hey, I'm Kaitlin.

I'm inspired by a persistent love to cultivate and promote a positive, healthful and sustainable lifestyle.

As a life-long beauty and holistic health fanatic, my career has allowed me to be featured on  the pages of Fox News Lifestyle, Huffington Post and AOL and I've been so lucky to partner with designers and brands like Tadashi Shoji, Marc Jacobs, Azature, L'Oreal and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Although I'm not one to shy away from current health & beauty trends...

My goal is to try everything and keep what works. Creating a sustainable lifestyle while leaving out unnecesary harsh chemicals, unnecessary products, and avoiding unnecessary vanity pricing. I'm here to show you what's worth the addition to your day-to-day schedule.

Health and beauty is a lot more than just what we put in  or on our bodies, it's also what we tell our bodies. And you, my friend, are absolutely beautiful.

I am you and you are me, so let's do this journey together.

Kaitlin Ferland